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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is the last resort by dentists. Technology and science are advancing day by day. Dentistry also develops accordingly. The primary purpose of dentistry is to bring the teeth in the mouth to a healthy shape. The teeth can be cleaned with various new technology treatments, and many treatment methods such as filling can be applied if it is decayed.

Tooth extraction is a treatment for teeth that cannot be treated.Tooth extraction removes the teeth from the area we call socket, which is connected to the jawbone by ensuring that the patient does not feel pain, aches and pain. Generally, local anesthesia is used when extracting the patient’s tooth or teeth. Suppose the patient is too afraid and declares that he will not be comfortable during the procedures. In that case, general anesthesia can also be used for the treatment depending on the physicians’ initiative.Tooth extraction is divided into two different branches; the first is free tooth extraction. This tooth extraction is applied to teeth in our familiar mouth that appear and have many functions such as chewing. If it cannot be treated due to the teeth’ loss of function, it is removed. The second branch is impacted tooth extraction. Teeth that cannot be located in the mouth and cannot cross the gingiva can cause many gum problems. As an example, 20-year-old teeth, i.e., wisdom teeth, can be given. These teeth put pressure on healthy teeth in the patient’s mouth, causing deformity, pain or worse, tooth and bone infections. You can read the article 20 Age Teeth – Mental Teeth on our website in detail. Embedded tooth extraction is the process of opening the gum and separating the teeth from the sockets, the jawbone.

Which Dentistry to Apply for Tooth Extraction?

For tooth extraction and impacted tooth extraction, you should apply to oral, dental and maxillofacial surgery. Treatments related to tooth extraction are performed in this surgical science.

Is Tooth Extraction a Painful Treatment – Is Local or General Anesthesia a Necessary?

Even if you undergo anesthesia, you will likely feel a little pain after treatment. These pains will quickly disappear thanks to the drugs (painkillers and similar) prescribed by your physician. In a few days, your pain will disappear completely.Anesthesia is a must in tooth extraction or impacted tooth extraction. As with any surgical treatment, anesthesia is a condition for patients during the treatment period in tooth extraction. For patients who do not want to be anesthetized, it is necessary to say that the slightest reaction you give will endanger your oral and dental health and your extra jaw bone health in impacted tooth extractions.

How is a tooth extracted?

Although tooth extraction is a surgical procedure, it is straightforward. After applying to the dentist, the patient is examined by the judge, and a definitive diagnosis is made. After that, the mouth and teeth’ textural condition is examined, and if necessary, x-rays and similar procedures are included in the treatment process. After everything is completed, the patient is generally taken to local anesthesia, and the surgical procedure begins in the unique chairs that physicians use for a dental examination. First of all, after the area is numbed, the teeth or teeth are loosened with a tool called an elevator. Thanks to dental extracting forceps, which is specially developed for dentists, the dentist ends the treatment by pulling the tooth in a short time. If necessary, bone shaping treatment can be applied to the patient.

Will There Be Swelling After Tooth Extraction?

One of the most curious issues by patients is whether swelling occurs, how soon will it pass? Swelling is likely to occur after tooth extraction. If the swelling is not too significant, this is normal and even beneficial for healing. The size of the swelling varies according to the edema on the patient’s cheek. In some cases, 2 4 hours of cold shock therapy may be required. It will pass in a short time.

What should be considered after tooth extraction? Dr. Dt. Hamiyet Ünsal

The empty area formed after tooth extraction should not be played with the tongue, the blood formed in the injured area should not be sucked and spat out.
Nothing should be eaten immediately after the filming and at least two hours should be waited.
The tampon placed by the dentist on the wound should not be discarded immediately, it should be kept on the empty area for at least 25-30 minutes.