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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth Whitening Treatment

Healthy and white teeth are a problem for many people. Laughing and smiling in the most beautiful and fun moments of social life is a natural act. After this action, many of us are uncomfortable because we do not like our teeth' appearance. In this regard, as Fildent dentistry, we make your teeth that you feel uncomfortable with Ankara teeth whitening treatment like pearls.Teeth can change color for many reasons. We do this to ourselves, both organically and inorganically.

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Our Doctor Dr. Dt. Hamiyet Ünsal Aynur answers questions about teeth whitening


Teeth whitening treatment with laser method

All kinds of eating and drinking damage our teeth. The tea that we adopt as the Turkish people and drink at least 3-4 glasses a day can cause our teeth to turn yellow over the years. Also, if you consume cigarettes, coffee and alcohol, your teeth may turn yellow or even gray over the years. It is the whitening of the color changes in the enamel, i.e., porous structure on the tooth's surface with gels used for special treatment.

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Can Anyone Benefit From Teeth Whitening Treatment?

It is a type of treatment for anyone with adequate oral and dental health. First of all, it is examined by physicians and checked for any problems with the teeth or gums. Patients with a large amount of tooth decay or gum disease are treated before tooth whitening treatment. If the patient regains his health as a result of the necessary treatment procedures, treatment is performed. Our patients who apply to dentists for tooth whitening treatment should not be pregnant or breastfeeding individuals for this treatment. Unfortunately, such patients cannot be treated. Apart from pregnant women and nursing mothers, teeth whitening treatment cannot be applied to children whose teeth have not yet developed.

Is It A Reliable Process?

Whether it is reliable or not, the quality of your physician is at the forefront. There are many drugs for teeth whitening; most of these drugs are related to patients with different teeth types. After your doctor makes the correct diagnosis, every treatment is 100% safe. In microscopic research carried out by scientists, they explained that there is no risk using a 10 percent bleaching solution, and it does not harm teeth and gums. There is not even a result that results in a negative result from the teeth whitening process. Although it is possible to whiten teeth with different chemical drugs, you should still apply to the dentist. Because only a specialist dentist can tell you how many scales or how much you will use according to your teeth’ structure.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Treatment Whiten Teeth?

This question is a very difficult one. It varies from person to person. Your dentist can respond to you depending on the structure, texture and how many colors your teeth change.

Are There Any Side Effects of Teeth Whitening Treatment – What Are The Side Effects?

Teeth whitening gels all have side effects on the point of sensitivity. If the sensitivity does not disappear within 24 to 48 hours, you should consult your doctor. Sensitivity is very usual and little perceived side effect. There is nothing to be afraid of, but still worth mentioning. For this reason, your doctor recommends desensitizing creams and toothpaste suitable for your tooth structure. If you use it regularly, the problem will pass in a short time. Sensitivity can occur, especially when consuming scorching and icy drinks and when a strong wind enters your mouth in freezing weather. Apart from these, no serious problems have been encountered yet.

Does Ankara Teeth Whitening Treatment Last A Lifetime?

The answer to this is a little painful. The life of tooth whitening treatment varies between 6 months and two years. Taking care of your teeth can extend this period, but you will lose the whiteness effect on the first day within two years.Fildent, the right address of Ankara Teeth Whitening treatment (will be linked to contact)