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Fildent dental digital smile design

Fildent Ankara Digital Smile Design is one of the most curious subjects of aesthetic dentistry. It aims to optimise the teeth and gums that have been damaged for many reasons and whose aesthetic appearance has deteriorated.


Digital smile design with smart technologies for 3D modelling is waiting for you at Fildent.

We scan your mouth structure with 3D scanners.
We create a smile design suitable for your jaw lines.
We use state-of-the-art image processing software.
What is Digital Smile Design?

Ankara Digital smile design is one of the most curious topics of aesthetic dentistry. It aims to make the most beautiful teeth and gums damaged for many reasons and aesthetically distorted. It is a natural and flawless smile arrangement, taking into account the structure of the patient’s jawbone, the mouth and teeth condition, and face shape. The digital smile design, which looks like a treatment method, can be performed after many procedures and treatments.

Digital Smile Design Which Processes Result?

Many factors come into play for a perfect smile. Some of these are the jawbone structure, oral and dental health, facial features, gender, and age. The patient’s expectation and the purpose of the treatment are among these factors. Since each patient had different aesthetically pleasing factors, all procedures are applied for each patient from the beginning. First of all, the teeth’ health level, namely whether there is caries, is there any disease that requires treatment in the gums, they are investigated. If a problem is encountered in the patient’s teeth, treatment should be applied to this problem first. This treatment varies according to the disease. Afterward, teeth are thoroughly cleaned for digital smile design. The treatment process for each patient is different. The treatment methods that the patient needs are determined, and a map is drawn. A detailed explanation about this map is given to the patient. Generally, the procedures encountered in every patient are as follows; The first procedure called gingivectomy is a step towards gingival aesthetics so that the gums supported by the teeth will have the best aesthetically pleasing results, the process called bleaching is applied, the implant and prosthesis process is filled with crown bridges and similar implant treatments to treat the patient’s missing teeth. Many treatment methods are also applied, porcelain veneers, laminated veneers, zirconium veneers and braces, i.e., orthodontic treatment, to ensure that your teeth fit correctly. These procedures are frequently used among patients.

How to Make a Digital Smile Design?

Ankara The first question that comes to mind when it comes to digital smile design is not what it is but how it is. Do not design a smile as the name implies, but if you think it will be digital or how it will be, I answer. For the smile design, the entire mouth and tooth structure of the patient is learned first. Subsequently, all measurements and tests are made. It is transferred to the computer environment by photographing the patient’s mouth and teeth in many planes. After that, a perfect smile is designed in the digital environment according to the patient’s expectations and the patient’s characteristics. Compliance with the patient is checked after the design. If orthodontics, i.e., braces treatment, is required to correct incompatibility, this treatment is applied first. Missing teeth or teeth that require filling are repaired with prosthetic and implant treatment methods. The smile that will occur after the treatment is shown to the patient and approval is obtained. After that, the restoration process begins.There is one more thing that is necessary for a beautiful smile; the teeth must be white. There are different alternatives in this regard, depending on the patient’s preference and tooth structure. Teeth are bleached if desired; although this process is faster than other treatment methods, it is shorter than other treatment methods. The second alternative is the porcelain veneer. The surface of the teeth gains a white appearance thanks to the coatings made of porcelain. Zirconium coating is also a different treatment method for teeth to appear white. The shape and posture of the lips that are considered in all these procedures, and that patients should be careful about in this regard. If your physician forgets or hinders informing you, ask to rehearse with your lips’ position before the procedures, otherwise negative consequences may occur.