Porcelain Tooth Coating

Porcelain Tooth Coating

Porcelain Tooth Coating

Porcelain Dentistry is a form of prosthesis frequently applied by doctors to treat teeth that have lost or lost their function due to physical trauma. Aesthetically beautiful treatment is an alternative to other prostheses made for aesthetic purposes.

Thanks to Porcelain Dentistry, you have the healthy teeth you want and a beautiful smile. It is not possible to say anything clear in terms of price. Many factors are affecting the price of Porcelain Tooth Veneer Treatment.The treatment process is generally quick and easy. However, this is related to our doctor friend who will offer you fast and easy because the treatment time may be prolonged and very difficult due to a doctor who cannot do the procedures in the unprofessional process. It’s a sensitive point to be aware of. It is useful to choose reliable and experienced doctors.

How is Porcelain Tooth Crown Treatment Performed?

With Porcelain Tooth Veneer Treatment, you are provided with your health and a perfect smile. In this prosthesis treatment, as in the others, the patient’s expectations are asked in the first session, and the treatment method is decided. Our doctor’s friend tells the patient the necessary treatment method, and the approval is obtained, and the procedures begin. If Porcelain Tooth Veneer Treatment is to be applied, the mouth structure and teeth are first examined. The teeth’ size to be treated is taken, and the teeth are prepared in the laboratory environment. Your prepared tooth goes through several measurements. Any problem in the patient’s mouth is tried and scrutinized. If necessary, porcelain teeth are sent back to the laboratory, and appropriate measurements are retaken for treatment. If everything is correct and does not pose any problem, the final stage of Porcelain Tooth Veneer Treatment is reached. It is attached instead of porcelain teeth. Usually, your treatment process will be finished here, but you should check with your doctor for healthy teeth.

How Long Is The Life Of Porcelain Dental Treatment?

The life of porcelain teeth varies according to how the patient looks at their teeth, as in any prosthetic treatment. If we are to say an average year, we can say that it has a life span of 10 years. Our patients who do their cleaning properly can extend this period. Since porcelain teeth will wear out after years, if they are not replaced, they will impair the patient’s oral health and comfort. Therefore, it needs to be changed.

In What Kind Of Situations Is Porcelain Dental Treatment Applied?

It applies respectively:

• If the patient has incurable caries.

• To prevent problems that the patient will experience in case of losing a tooth.

• It is applied in cases that cause problems during eating and drinking in a broken or similar way.

• Finally, Porcelain Tooth Veneer Treatment is applied to patients who want an aesthetic smile.

Advantages of Porcelain Tooth Veneers Treatment

The strength level of porcelain is very high; it is possible to use it for many years in a healthy way.It has quite affordable prices compared to other prosthesis treatments, so 90% of our patients treated for aesthetic concerns choose this treatment method.Porcelain Dental Treatment is very short. Because your doctor is experienced, you can get treatment quickly and return to your daily life.Its fast and affordable price creates an extra advantage for such patients.For Porcelain Dentistry, first of all, you need to consult your doctor and be examined. Accordingly, it is possible to get reasonable prices.

Empress or Zirconium?

Zirconium substructure material has very high durability and durability. Zirconium provides a full aesthetic appearance and is easily used in crown-bridges in the back and front regions. However, the empress material is not as durable as zirconium. Therefore, it is not preferred much for the back group teeth, namely chewing teeth. It is mostly used in anterior teeth. Empress material is more aesthetic than zirconium materials. Provides aesthetics and function close to natural teeth with its light transmission feature.