Dental Implant Treatment

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You may also need implants to have an aesthetic smile. Fildent Ankara Dental implant

Protects Oral Health
Prevents Bone Loss
Increased Chewing Power
What is Dental Implant Procedure?

Ankara Dental Implant is a treatment method applied to patients with missing teeth. If this procedure, which is applied by specialist dentists for root treatment, is done correctly, you can continue your life with healthy teeth without any problems. Ankara Dental Implant procedure is applying artificial tooth root suitable for your mouth structure for your missing tooth. The artificial root made of titanium metals is placed on the jawbone to be carried out by the human body, mouth and dental health. Your doctor follows it up, and when your jawbone accepts your artificial tooth root made of titanium minerals, prosthesis procedures begin. In this way, Ankara Dental Implant procedures are completed.

What is the procedure for inserting an artificial root in a dental implant procedure?

While performing the procedures described above, local anesthesia is applied at the Dental Implant team stage. The area where the dental implant will be performed is anesthetized, and it is expected that the numbing process will take place in a short time. In this way, the patient's pain, aches and pains are prevented during the procedures. During the dental implant procedure, only the devices' sounds are heard, as in any dental health service. Thanks to prescription drugs before the dental implant procedure, the patient can have a more comfortable operation. During and after the procedure, you need to regularly use the medications given by your doctor, and it is critical for the procedures to give perfect results.

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Implant Treatment

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In which cases is a dental implant performed?

Fildent Ankara İmplant Diş Tedavisi
It can be performed in single tooth losses when healthy teeth are not desired to be removed.
You can choose to support and fix under removable prostheses.
You can use it to make stable, fixed prostheses in full edentulous mouths.
You have two options for multiple tooth loss. While removable dentures (dentures) are your first option, you can also use the Dental Implant service as an alternative.
What are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

The dental Implant process offers you a healthier mouth structure than traditional procedures used in treating tooth deficiency. In the traditional bridge restoration process, many processes are harmful to your oral health, such as cutting healthy teeth. In this way, your healthy teeth’ life is prolonged, and the teeth’ enamel layer is protected. It is ensured that you continue your life with real teeth. Another problem with traditional treatment is that it puts more pressure on your teeth and gums day by day due to its use for many years, and therefore you feel discomfort. Since the Dental Implant process is fixed prostheses that fit your jaw structure, it will offer an experience no different from your real teeth. Thanks to the Dental Implant process, it is possible to eliminate removable dentures such as insertion and removal. Dental Implant service, which is no different from your original teeth in appearance, also places a healthy smile in your life.

If you’re saying that you’re afraid of Dental Implant Treatment;

Even if we talk to our patients because of how painless, painless and painless Dental Implant treatment goes, it is impossible to convince many of our patients. In such cases, it is necessary to take the patient under general anesthesia or perform the sedation procedures. In this way, our patients finish the treatment without even hearing the sound of the procedure.

How Long Is The Life Of Dental Implant Treatment?

To give an exact lifetime, I do not know the answer to this. Because a Dental Implant treatment that is fully fitted to the jawbone can be used for a lifetime if regular and high-quality oral care is performed, in other words, the life of the treatment is all about how the patient looks at his teeth. Finally, a question we often encounter,

What is Dental Implant Treatment Age Limit?

As the lower age limit, there is no upper age limit for each age group whose development of the jawbone ends. If answered in this way, the most accurate result will be presented. You can find the answers to all your questions about Fildent Ankara Implant treatment in the video below.